Jacob Sartorius Gives RAW Interview, Talks Selling Out Madison Square Garden


RAW: You’re killing the social media game right now and now music. How did you get started?
JACOB: I started on Vine just making comedy videos in my bedroom. I made videos with music incorporated in it, and I was in musical theater growing up. I found (video social app) Musical.ly and I liked just vibing out to music. And now that I have my music out, I can make Musical.ly (videos) to my own music, which is sick.

RAW: When you first started, did you think you’d be making your own original music?
JACOB: I always was interested in making music, the process of the engineering, and being in the studio but I never really thought I was gonna do my own music. But now I’m doing it, it’s cool! I’m finding my sound--rapping, singing and incorporating both make the J.S. lane!

RAW: What was it like getting to tour with Magcon and then to go on to do your own stuff?
JACOB: Well, I never really got to experience fans in person before that, and now I’m performing music and all this cool stuff. I had always wanted to do music and Magcon was just another way for me to meet them because I didn’t have any other way. Now I’m doing my own thing, which is lit.

RAW: Are there any musical artists that made you want to be a singer?
JACOB: Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” and “Wing$”. Those are my two favorite songs at the time. He’s from Seattle (Washington), and my godmother and all of them know Macklemore. It’s cool because they lived in the same town, so they’ve seen him before. I remember I went to Seattle and I was like, “Yo, is Macklemore here? Is he in this store?” It was kind of showing me what it’s like to fanboy over somebody else, so now I kind of understand what it’s like to be on both sides.

Cover: Champion top/bottom
Fila shoes
Right:Above: H&M hoodie
Urban Outfitters shirt
Adidas pants
Left: Above: Bravado jacket
TopMan tank and jeans
RAW: You worked with singer/songwriter Julia Michaels. How did that come about?
JACOB: She had a demo of the song “Skateboard” and it was a really dope idea. She sent it in and we listened to it. We were vibing out, and I was like “I gotta cut that”!

RAW: What’s the song about?
JACOB: The message behind the song is basically taking your mind off whatever’s going on that’s not good and letting out all you emotions through a simple act like skateboarding. You can ride a skateboard down the block and forget what’s going on. It’s like in the line “310 to 818”, that’s how I feel, like you’re riding (through) different area codes all around California.

RAW: What are some of your favorite people you listen to?
JACOB: Blackbear. Julia Michaels, Macklemore, Ugly God, Lil Yachty, always keep it with Lil Yachty.

RAW: One of your main goals is you want to be the youngest artist ever to sell out Madison Square Garden (capacity of 20,000). What’s the biggest venue you’ve sold out so far?
JACOB: 6,500.

RAW: So you’re halfway there! That’s exciting. At what age do you want to do it by?
JACOB: Well I think the record right now is 16 ½ by Justin Bieber, and I’m 14 ½ so if you do the math, it’s two years. So I just have to put out fire music. That’s all it is!

RAW: What’s the name of the EP?
JACOB: “Left Me Hangin’” It’s like an overall message. Everyone’s asking me if it’s about a certain girl, and it’s not. It’s just a mainstream message that’s like, “Well why didn’t you hit me back?” If you’re in your feels, turn on the EP (clap, clap) it’s a vibe!

RAW: Transitioning a little bit, there’s so many people nowadays that can say whatever they want because they're behind screens on social media. What’s one piece of advice you could give to someone who’s being bullied online?
JACOB: Find an idol or somebody that you can look up to-- a positive person-- maybe me, maybe other people that are killing it right now. And take your mind off things, but at the same time, if you’re focused on that stuff, just know that they’re coming from a bad place and they’re insecure about themselves if they’re trying to bring you down.

RAW: We saw you uploaded a video of you reading hate comments totally nonchalant. Did it take time to build up to that?
JACOB: We were just filming and we didn’t have that much footage. We were like, there’s hella hate comments on my page! And we read them with my good friend Ariel. Shout out (whispers) Ariel, not grown Ariel. Baby Ariel. (laughs)

RAW: Being a young star comes with a lot of pros and cons. Many have not been able to deal with all this pressure and trouble. Have you ever experienced that?
JACOB: It’s crazy. You’re throwing in a normal kid into the spotlight and expect them to be perfect. Everything that people have done in the past gets put under a microscope, you know? Everyone’s human so I’m gonna make mistakes and other people have made mistakes. I don’t think people can be perfect, but I’m just gonna try to be myself and stay humble. Keep my family close.

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RAW: Have you ever been in a dark place? What advice would you give to get out of those not-so-great moments?
JACOB: When I was in 7th grade, and I was bullied a lot. People were saying rude things to me. I wasn’t really in a dark place because I tried to act like it didn’t get to me but deep down, of course it did. What really helped me the most was being able to go online and read all the nice stuff that people were saying. There’s more love than hate on my comments. And you know, I focused on the positive ones and it meant the world to me. If you’re stuck in a tunnel, you’ll see the freaking end of it. It’s great. And then when you’re on those high moments, you’ll just be so much stronger than you were before. Feels good, you know?

RAW: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
JACOB: I want to be in some movies, have some platinum records, and to sell out arenas. I want to just be overall the biggest.

RAW: If there’s one thing you want to be remembered for in this life, what is that one thing and why?
JACOB: Always having a positive attitude and making a change for good. And always caring for other people and helping those out who aren’t in the position to help themselves. ᴿᴬᵂ