Corey Fogelmanis Gives RAW Interview


RAW: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
COREY: I’m me. It’s hard, I don’t really think about myself in a way of describing it to other people, but I love learning. That’s probably one of my favorite things. I have a very, dry, bitter sense of humor that a lot of people don’t understand.

RAW: Like the British dry sense of humor.
COREY: Kind of! I just spent a month in London shooting PrankMe. And it was really cool to have people that I could joke around with in that way because Americans are uptight.

RAW: Who do you want to be starring with in a film?
COREY: Doing a movie with Annette Bening would be super awesome. I’ve only seen a little bit of her stuff. But 20th Century Women, the film she just did with A24 was super awesome. It feels like she’s just so real to just do scenes with and I’m really drawn to that.

RAW: Do you like Gwen Stefani?
COREY: I love Gwen Stefani. (laughs) There was this 90’s video I saw of her performing with No Doubt. She’s insane. She has just such an incredible stage presence, it’s just so uninhibited.

RAW: What’s the toughest thing about being Corey?
COREY: Probably learning to accept being Corey. It’s funny because you always hear teenagers and adults and everybody talking about, you know, “Just love yourself,” and the process of finding that. And I don’t think you really understand that until you do it yourself. For me, it wasn’t like a grueling process, weirdly enough. I just surrounded myself with good people that are supportive and that have similar interests to me. It’s something everyone needs to do.

Cover: Champion tank
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Asos bracelets
RAW: Is that a scar on your head?
COREY: It is a scar on my head. When I was 3 years old, a dresser fell over on me and it split my forehead open. I wanted to know what was in the top drawer, so I climbed it and it was like a 300 pound wooden oak dresser. My mom said she saw my skull…

RAW: Did you ever find out what was in the drawer?
COREY: It was just my dad’s underwear. (laughs)

RAW: This one’s for all you Corey fans out there. Are you single?
COREY: I am single. I’m in a relationship with my career right now, sorry. (laughs)

RAW: What about your new role, Jasper in PrankMe, excited you the most?
COREY: The entire character is so different from anything I’ve ever played before and so different from myself as a person that I knew it would be like an incredible challenge. He’s such a social media personality and I’m not like that in very many ways.

RAW: It’s out now?
COREY: Yeah, it’s on a streaming server called Fullscreen.

RAW: Is there a film genre that you like?
COREY: I like drama because I haven’t had the experience to do that much drama. That’s obviously what I’m drawn to because I want to challenge myself. I’ve done a decent amount of teen stuff, which is good because I am a teen. But I want to do things that allow me room for growth too.

RAW: What about photography interests you the most?
COREY: Being able to visually represent what I see in my head. That’s probably what’s most interesting to me. But then also with analog photography, which is most of the stuff that I shoot, it’s more of like what the camera sees than what you see because there’s no post-production on that. What you see on the viewfinder is what you get. So, yeah, just single perspective.

RAW: Can you explain to us your obsession with Cloris Leachman?
COREY: Oh! That’s a good one. Whenever anybody asks who my celebrity crush is I always say Cloris Leachman. And there’s kind of no reason for that. I mean, she was on Girl Meets World to play Mrs. Svorski, the lady that ran the Russian bakery that we spent a lot of time in, and she’s just crazy, like in the best way. She just has such a great sense of humor, and yeah, I kind of just say that because she kind of is my celebrity crush in a way. (laughs)

RAW: So you were recently in the Dominican Republic doing volunteer work. Could you tell us a little about how it was like for you?
COREY: It was super eye opening. I was there with my family, we were on the north side of the island so it was much more rural than the touristy side that most people would go to. And we got to build recycled bottle houses for some of the locals there. And it was probably one of my favorite vacations. It was called a volunteer vacation, so half the time we were working and half the time we were vacationing. And it was hard work, we were out there in like 100 degree heat making concrete and sanding it down with rocks that we found on the side of the street. It was really cool to immerse myself in another culture as much as possible, just to see and not be single-minded.

RAW: If there’s one thing you could be remembered for in this life, what would that one thing be and why?
COREY: Probably just being like a kind person and making people feel accepted. ᴿᴬᵂ

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