Sophia Lillis Gives RAW Interview, Talks ‘IT’ & Bill Skarsgard


RAW: Which movies made you want to become an actor?
SOPHIA: When I was seven I started to get really into it because my stepfather was working on this film for a film class and he forced me to be in it but I enjoyed it. And I love Bill Murray. I’ve seen almost every single Bill Murray film there is, and I’ve watched old, old movies, like old Italian movies which is really weird! (laughs) Like Bicycle Thieves and La Strada. I grew up watching Giulietta Masina and she’s one of the actors that I actually really enjoy watching. I’m inspired by her.

RAW: Tell us about your character in IT, Beverly Marsh.
SOPHIA: Kind of a tough person. She hides herself. She tries to hide her emotions and hide her feelings. She distances herself from everyone but once she has this friend group (The Losers’ Club) she doesn’t want to let it go because this is the only friend group that she has and so she’s a very strong character.

RAW: What was it like being on set with all of those boys?
SOPHIA: Nothing changed. They called me the androgynous kid because I had short hair. They were very nice, they were like 12 and I was like 14. We were young! I’m still really young. (laughs) It was like a year ago. Back in the day! No, we’re still young, so it’s fine. 

Right:Above: Cos sweater
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RAW: Who was your favorite person to work with on set?
SOPHIA: I liked Andy Muschietti, the director. He’s one of the nicest directors that I’ve met - amazing guy and really funny.

RAW: Was there any point where you were scared by the people on set, like Bill Skarsgard?
SOPHIA: All of the crew members are just cool calming people that even seeing Bill Skarsgard with his full clown makeup was funny to see because he acted so nice to me. He’s like, “Hey! How’s you day?”, and the next second he’s choking me. It’s all really confusing, but he’s a cool guy.

RAW: In real life, would you want to be in the Winners’ Club or the Losers’ Club?
SOPHIA: The Losers’ Club. (laughs) I mean people call them the Losers’ Club, but to be honest they’re actually those people that are going to grow up to be something amazing. So I’m fine being in the Losers’ Club-- (laughs) it’s more realistic.

RAW: You’re also working on an HBO series called Sharp Objects, right? You play the younger version of the main character, Camille, who’s played by Amy Adams. What’s that set like?
SOPHIA: Where I have a prosthetic nose! (laughs) It’s cool, it’s different! It’s my first real TV series that I’m working on. It’s a little different from film and from It but it’s interesting. Fun to see Amy Adams and everyone that I’ll be working with. 
RAW: You like a lot of throwback music like the B52s and The Cure. You’ve also been to Broadway lately, like Dear Evan Hansen. Who inspired your taste in music?
SOPHIA: A lot of people around me influenced my music. I’ve listened to music that our mom had on our phone ‘cause I didn’t really have money to buy my own music. So I listened to her’s which kind of grew on me. Ah, you know what! I actually like to watch Saturday Night Live, the older ones-- a bunch in the 80’s and a lot of times B-52's came on and the Beach Boys came on which isn’t surprising at all - they all had “B’s” in them. (laughs) Don’t know why! Uh, but, which got me into that era of music and it kind of stuck with me.

RAW: If there’s one thing you could be remembered for in this life, what would it be and why?
SOPHIA: (sarcastic voice) Oh, God people will remember me. Fantastic! But uh, to remember me by - hopefully a positive thing. Someone who succeeded in life, hopefully. (laughs) So… yeah. Someone who’s a good person in general. I’d be fine with that too. (laughs)

RAW: If you had a time machine which era would you like to travel back to?
SOPHIA: I like this era to be honest, uh, probably the 80’s ‘cause you know, I like a lot of music from that time.

RAW: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
SOPHIA: Hopefully continuing my job and succeeding in continuing my job. (laughs) I’d be 25 so hopefully gone to college. Probably some place in England because they have really good acting there.

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Left: Above: Cos shirt
RAW: How did you get started in photography? Your photography is amazing.
SOPHIA: Aw! Well, my stepfather is into photography and there was one time where we were doing reshoots and he rented a monochrome camera and said, “Hey, you should try it out!” And I did! He taught me a few things about lighting and depth of field and I started working on that. A few of them ended out pretty well. (laughs) And they were fun to take pictures of people on set.

RAW: Are you going to have a big Sweet 16 next year?
SOPHIA: I will! But I don’t really want to that much. My brother really wants to have a sweet sixteen and I don’t understand why. I’d be fine just staying at home, but I don’t mind. We share the same birthday, so it’s always going to have a little bit of complications but I don’t mind.

RAW: If there’s one piece of advice you could give to someone that’s maybe going through a hard time, what would you say to them?
SOPHIA: Oh, look up? To me? (laughs) Thank you! There will be a lot of times when life hits a rough patch, and if you’re going through a lot of hard times, well first of all, I’m very sorry. And, always set a goal for yourself. No matter what you’re going through, always have something to hold on to because, hope. I’m mean, that’s the one thing that will help you for anything. Just strive through that and hopefully you’ll be happier!ᴿᴬᵂ