Nicholas Hamilton Gives RAW Interview, Talks ‘IT’


RAW: Tell us how you got into acting. Did you come out of the womb like, “Boom, I’m an actor”?
NICHOLAS: I It was a bit more unnatural. I played Elvis Presley in a school play in grade five which was completely unexpected-- I didn’t want to, but I got it. And we had like a two-month rehearsal process in this tiny school, but I loved it. I just really enjoyed that whole process and after that I joined a small agency where I live because I live in the tiny town of Alstonville and it’s upward of 4,000 (people). There’s not that many outlets to get into that stuff. I joined a small agent, got a couple jobs, got a bigger agent and got a couple more jobs and got bigger and more American and got this.

RAW: You’re in school on set? Are there times where you go straight from the set, straight to Algebra?
NICHOLAS: Oh yeah, all the time! It’s the child working rules. If you’re under 18-years-old or you’re not emancipated, you work for four hours and then you do school for two hours. It’s weird especially because on It, I have the mullet on and sometimes got blood everywhere, and I’m sitting in this little trailer working on Algebra in this full get-up. It’s weird.

RAW: Have there been any other challenges that you’ve faced that you feel like a lot of people don’t realize you may have? 
NICHOLAS: I like working a lot, but I mean, if I was chosen to audition for a role that was like charming, have eight-pack abs and perfect smile... that’s more difficult for me than doing a role such as (my It character) Henry Bowers who’s like a psychopath.

RAW: Are you similar to Henry?
NICHOLAS: No, no I like being a psychopath and the bully and the asshole rather than being the charming guy who’s there to save the day or the love interest or whatever. They have more layers to being sort of like a mean kid. It challenges me more. If I got the part, I’d happily do it, but it'd definitely be more of a challenge for me than working on It or Dark Towers.

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RAW: What about Henry Bowers intrigued you the most? Was it the psychological aspect? Was it the hair?
NICHOLAS: (laughs) It’s different in a Stephen King book. If you look at bullying in any movie, the generic typical bully is just mean for the sake of being mean. Henry Bowers and his gang are just so much different. There’s a story, there’s layers, he’s vulnerable at times, he’s not just the dick, so I really like that. There’s definitely stuff to play around with. But on the hair, that was actually my input. Not intentionally, but I was in the hair trailer and they were deciding what to do with my hair. They were just going to spike it up and that just be it. But I heard a rumor saying that they were going to put a mullet on me. So because I told them, they was like, “Oh we never heard of anything, but that sounds perfect!” But there actually wasn’t a rumor at all! (laughs) The director Andy (Muschietti) came in and said, “Let’s go with that,” and the mullet was born.

RAW: What was it like when the It cast all met for the first time?
NICHOLAS: It took a bit of time. The first time we all met as a group was at a table read. No one really talked to each other. We had a bit of an after party after that and no one really chatted to each other. The Losers’ Club were the seven kids. They met before and they were all sort of friends by then. But I never met my bully friends. I never met Bill as Pennywise. It took a bit of time, but I mean we’re best mates now. All of us are hopefully gonna know each other for longer.

RAW: What’s it like being in a normal movie compared to a Stephen King role? Is there anything else about it that is an added pressure?
NICHOLAS: Well, if I was to compare it to something, I worked in a movie 2-3 years ago called Captain Fantastic. It’s very similar in the sense of there’s these kids that band together to make something happen in their way. But when you base something off of a Stephen King novel, you have the layers that he creates. There’s an arch for every character. There’s definitely the pressure always of people knowing what we were doing while we were doing it whereas Captain Fantastic, no one knew about it until it came out. So it’s a lot different.

RAW: I was on your Twitter last night -- you have no chill. (laughs) Let’s talk about how your It co-star Wyatt Oleff especially is the target of all of your tweets.
NICHOLAS: How did I let that happen? It was just so natural. I’m much more of a dick on Twitter than I am in real life, much more savage. I think it was just the one time, I don’t remember the start of everything, but either he provoked it or I provoked it and we sort of spawned from there. Like every time he tweets, I reply. And every time I tweet, he replies. There’s always something going on. I kind of love it! It’s bloody fun. But yeah, just sort of spawned out of nothing.

RAW: What’s the most savage thing you’ve said? They’re pretty much all savage.
NICHOLAS: There was one, it's like near the start, where it wasn’t really toward Wyatt. I have a running gag with Wyatt’s curly hair, so I always call him Noodle Scalp. Out of the blue, he sent (a picture of) the Australian power plug, which is different to here (in the U.S.) and he said, “What the hell is this?” and I also sent a photo through with Donald Trump, 45th president of the United States, “What the hell is this?” And that shut him up. Yeah that was fun. I try to make every tweet that I do very equal in a sense of level of savagery.

RAW: What’s your current relationship status?
NICHOLAS: (laughs) I’m single at the moment but I’m open to it. I love keeping busy but then the other side of that is if I’m so busy, it’s hard to maintain a relationship, especially back at home (in Australia). I’ve had two long-term girlfriends in the last three years and now it’s hard having to work and then also having to maintain a healthy relationship with someone that you really care about. It’s difficult. It’s not what I’m looking for at the moment, but if something came about, I wouldn’t be devastated.

RAW: Would you be opposed if any fans slid in your DM’s and caught your attention? Would you ever date a fan?
NICHOLAS: I mean, there were some instances where there was definitely a chance to do that.

RAW: You know who you are.
NICHOLAS: Yeah, you know who you are. (laughs) But it just never ended well. Never ended well… but I mean you’re welcome to if you want to (laughs).

RAW: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned over your career?
NICHOLAS: Staying humble. Especially when you’re a child actor it’s so easy to let you head get big with everything around you. And a lot of it’s about you. It’s so hard, it’s really hard to keep your feet on the ground and keep you head small. But when I was in my first feature film in Australia I was on set with Hugo Weaving, one of my favorite actors. He’s one of my biggest inspirations because he’s so down to Earth. We filmed in this tiny desert town in Australia and he’d finish an eight-hour work day and then went to the local pub and had a few beers with the locals. He’s worked on so much stuff and he’s so big and it’s just amazing how down to Earth he is, as well as Viggo Mortensen, who was my dad in Captain Fantastic. They’re spitting images of each other. They’re just very, very down to Earth and they don’t like the whole fame aspect of it all and they’ve got their feet on the ground 100% at all times. That's what I aspire to be. I aspire to be one of those guys who you expect to be an asshole, smug and be like a princess. And I want to make the people surprised that I’m not that.

RAW: What’s one thing you would like to be remembered for in this life, and why?
NICHOLAS: Being a nice guy. You hear about guys like Tom Hanks and Steve Carell, they’re known as like the nicest guys in Hollywood. I want to be like that. I aspire to be one of those guys who you want to meet, and after you meet them, you want to see ‘em constantly. And it sounds like a self-centered thing, but I really want to be the guy who everybody wants to be friends with.ᴿᴬᵂ
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