Baby Ariel Talks New Original Music, WCW Kylie Jenner & MCM Cameron Dallas


RAW: How did the name Baby Ariel come about?
ARIEL: It was actually very random. I was sitting with my friends one day and we downloaded the app musical.ly. Everyone was making screen names and my friend put Queen something or Dancer something. Now I was like, let me just put Baby just for a day. Randomly. No intention of anything. And one day my video got featured and it just stuck with me. And I was going to change it. I hated it at first. But then it stuck. And then I thought, okay, I have to stick with it now.

RAW: What were your first thoughts about the app musical.ly?
 I was definitely confused because all it was was a bunch of people lip syncing. And I was like, okay, this is interesting. So I went on and tried to change it up a little bit. I put hand motions and facial expressions to make it more interesting. And ever since then, I love it.

RAW: What was it like growing up in South Florida and how’s LA treating you so far?
ARIEL: I know everybody says it but it’s so humid and hot, which sucks. So being here honestly, you think this is a heat thing. This is cool. It’s so nice for me. This is not sweating. People are like, ‘Oh my god, I’m dying’. No! This is good!  Embrace the coldness! The one thing I do love about South Florida, though, is that my entire family is there. My grandparents literally live in the same neighborhood as me. And I drive ten minutes and my cousins, my other grandparents, everybody is in South Florida. It’s super convenient and I love seeing and spending time with them. Home is family, so when I come , it’s more work-oriented.      
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RAW: How often do you go home? Are you (in LA) most of the time?
ARIEL: I’m home most of the time. We just got an apartment here, so I’m going to be here like two weeks out of the month. We were in hotels (so much) and it just makes sense to get an apartment and have a place to stay.

RAW: Who are some of your fellow influencers that have given you the best advice?
ARIEL: My two best, best, best, best friends are Mario Selman and Weston Koury. They’re two of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met in my entire life. At first, it was definitely weird because a lot of my friends at home didn’t really understand . When I first started to find two people who understood it, they were going through the same thing. They made videos all the time, they made content all the time, and they understood why I was traveling and I understood why they’re traveling so much. We just were always there for each other and we have each other’s back… We’re just best friends

RAW: So we’ve been hearing a few things about original music… Can you kinda spill the beans or tell us?
ARIEL: (gasps) Okay, I can’t spill a lot of beans, I can spill a few beans! (laughs) I can tell you that it’s something that I’m super, super passionate about, and I’ve been working hard on it. And to actually have the opportunity to release my own original music is something that makes me so happy and I just want to share it already. Ah! I’m just excited.

RAW: How many songs do you have recorded?
I have four songs done. (squeals)

RAW: So what kind of genre are we looking at?… Country? Rock n Roll?
(laughs) Country, definitely. Country-rock, you know. (laughs) I would call it Pop with a bit of an edgy twist. I think that’s how you describe it.

RAW: Where do you draw inspiration for you music?
ARIEL: I really like what Selena Gomez has been doing recently. My style isn’t like that, but I just like that she’s doing something different. I want it to be different and kind of quirky.  So my inspirations when it comes to music are Noah Cyrus, Julia Michaels and Selena Gomez. First off, they’re all girls, awesome.. They’re truly themselves. And I love that Julia Michaels writes all of her music, which I think is super inspiring, and you know, it comes from the heart.

RAW: How crazy is it going to be when you go on musical.ly one day and there are people doing musical.lys to your own music?
That honestly is going to blow my mind! I don’t know if I’m ready for it. But honestly I’m super excited. As long as they love the music. I want to see them like it, I want to see them make musical.lys to it.  
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RAW: So lately, we heard recently that you had your own clothing brand called Honey?
I’ve always been the one who promoted be yourself, be nice and be kind because I want to spread that as much as possible. I want to use my socials to spread that as much as possible.  Honey is going to be my way of bringing to the world ‘be sweet, be kind, be nice’. And actually, the ‘be’s’ are like bees’ and like ‘Bee sweet because honey is sweet’ Also, spread honey because honey is sweetness. And always be nice because I don’t like that there’s hate in this world… Just be nice, be sweet. Spread honey.

RAW: Where’s the perfect place to take a first date?
Me and my friend were talking about this like it’s good because you see how a person is the entire day. So maybe they’re grumpy in the morning, and they’re like super nice. Or maybe they’re super nice in the morning but at the end of the day they’re super grumpy, and you’re like ‘okay what’s happening here?’ So, you wake up, you have breakfast together, and you do something (laughs) fun the whole day. I’m someone who really loves amusement parks, so I want to go on all the roller coasters ever at the amusement parks or even doing something crazy, doing something fun, or it can be just relaxing and watching movies all day. Just spending time with each other and doing something that you both love. And getting Starbucks in the morning.

RAW: Where does Baby Ariel see herself in ten years?
: I honestly just want to be happy with what I’m doing. My passions are always going to be music, acting, and I’m working on a book right now. I just love to be creative, and hopefully in ten years I can be happy and still be making other people happy with what I’m doing.

RAW: Is your book going to be about your life?
: It’s going to be non-fiction. I want it to be as if you’re opening my journal or my diary. It has a bunch of doodles and it’s very personal. I feel like on social media, you guys see my YouTube, my videos, and you see me saying “‘This is my workout routine and this is my lifestyle.” I want to give them more of a behind the scenes and how I’m feeling on a day to day basis.  It’s RAW. (laughs)ᴿᴬᵂ
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