Thomas Doherty Talks Descendants 2, Accents and Girlfriend Dove Cameron

RAW: What made you want to do Descendants 2?
THOMAS: I thought the concept of [the original] Descendants was amazing. And working with [director/choreographer] Kenny Ortega!

RAW: Harry Hook, what makes him the best pirate kid around?
THOMAS: His attitude! He’s got this wonderful, charming, confident, kind of sexy way about him. But he’s also kind of hostile, very unpredictable. That’s a wonderful pirate in my books.

RAW: How weird was it wearing a hook?
THOMAS: It wasn’t actually weird at all! I got used to it and then I fell in love with it. Then when the film ended, I was completely heartbroken.

RAW: What are your favorite movies?
THOMAS: My top three favorite movies would be Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino, Shawshank Redemption, and La La Land. I’m a sucker for La La Land.

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RAW: What are your favorite foods?
THOMAS: My favorite food is probably steak. I do love a good steak. I completely detest quinoa, I hate it with all of me. Don’t make me quinoa, make me steak.

RAW: What kind of music do you listen to? What’s your favorite song right now?
THOMAS: I love all types of music. I do listen to everything, apart from heavy metal. My favorite song just now would probably be “No Problem” by Chance the Rapper.

RAW: What was your childhood dream?
THOMAS: I’ve always wanted to be an actor, or a footballer (soccer player). But then I wasn’t very good at football (soccer) so I definitely wanted to be an actor.

RAW: Who is your favorite superhero?
THOMAS: Iron Man. He’s just really, really cool. I love his suit, his house, and everything about him.

RAW: What are you currently obsessed with? 
THOMAS: Acai bowls! Since coming to LA, I’ve had one every day. I’m addicted to acai bowls, but not quinoa.

RAW: Where’s the perfect place to take a first date?
THOMAS: It kind of depends on the person you’re going to take on the date. But for me, it would be making dinner, or going for a picnic, or something like that. Somewhere where you can sit and talk to the person, and get to know them.

RAW: What did you do with Dove Cameron on your first date?
THOMAS: Me and Dove, on our first date, we went for dinner, and it was a bit of a secret at the start. So, can’t tell anyone!

RAW: Do you have any hidden talents?
THOMAS: I can tap dance! I don’t know if many people know that.

RAW: What was the first movie or TV show that made you want to become an actor?
THOMAS: Probably Titanic. I remember seeing [Leonardo] DiCaprio when I was younger and I thought, “I could do that.”

RAW: You signed on for the movie High Strung: Free Dance, and you’re playing choreographer Zander. How much dance training have you had?
THOMAS: I did three years of musical theater training at Edinburgh, where I went to college. I’ve done a lot of classes, and worked with a lot of choreographers. I’ve been exposed to a lot of choreographers, so I’m kind of gathering it all together and putting into the character of Zander.

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RAW: Did you see the first High Strung? What did you think of it?
THOMAS: Yes, I thought it was very, very well done. Very entertaining, very smart, and I loved the collaboration of acting and dancing. I thought that was amazingly put together.

RAW: What kind of challenges will you personally be facing for this movie?
THOMAS: I’d probably say being in a different part of the world. We’re filming in Romania, which will be really cool but kind of getting used to a different culture, a different way of living. Zander is a bit of an older character so I have got to kind of be very conscious of that, the physicality, and the way I speak, the way I act, the way I look. So I take it on, that’s my job, but yeah that’s the challenges. And obviously I’m going to miss my family and my girlfriend.

RAW: The Lodge season two. How much fun did you have working on that?
THOMAS: So much fun to film! This time, we knew everyone, we knew the cast, we knew the crew, we knew the directors. So we kind of went straight into rehearsals and choreography. We didn’t have to get to know each other because we’re all so close and so familiar with each other. Yeah, it was a big ball, it was a big hit.

RAW: For Descendants 2, you, Dylan and China got matching tattoos?
THOMAS: Yes, at the end of Descendants, we all went away to a tattoo parlor and got matching tattoos. Me, Dylan [Playfair], China [Anne McClain] and the pirates. It’s an anchor because we’re pirates!

RAW: Will there be a season three of The Lodge? What would be the storyline?
THOMAS: I hope there will be a season three of The Lodge. You’ll just have to wait and see what happens at the end of the second one!

RAW: Could you describe your first interaction with Dove on the set of Descendants 2?
THOMAS: It was the first day of rehearsals. I didn’t know anyone and I saw this little blonde girl coming in, and I went up to her and said, “Hi, I’m Thomas.” And she went, “Hey, I’m Dove.” And I gave her a hug and that was it. The rest is history.

RAW: Can you do any celebrity impressions?
THOMAS: I don’t know. I’m really bad at impressions. I can do Dylan Playfair, he doesn’t know this exists.

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RAW: What was it like growing up Scottish?
THOMAS: Wonderful. I have a wonderful family, and friends. I guess it’s just like growing up anywhere, you don’t know what else there is. It was good. There was just being a kid, except it was very cold because it’s Scotland. And you get wet a lot.
RAW: What is your favorite Scottish food?
THOMAS: It would have to be haggis, neeps, and tatties. Haggis is a little animal that was one leg on one side of his body shorter than the other, and it runs around hills. And the way catch it, you run the other way and so it turns around and topples down. That’s how you catch it, that’s haggis. Tatties are potatoes.
RAW: Describe your fashion style.
THOMAS: Depends on what I feel like that day, what I see in the shop, what looks nice. I try to not follow trends. I mean, inevitably I will do that but I try and focus on what I like and why I like it, and don’t question it too much. Check Instagram @thomasadoherty and you’ll see.