Dove Cameron Talks Descendants 2, Mamma Mia! & Boyfriend Thomas Doherty


RAW: Your character Mal is going through an identity crisis in Descendants 2. How do you think her new princess side influences her villain kid side?
DOVE: She hasn’t figured out a way for them to work together yet, they don’t hold hands for her. Which is part of the crisis. They don’t influence each other at all until the last twenty minutes of the film, and I can’t tell you why. We all know what that’s like, a huge life transition, she can’t make her two worlds meet.

RAW: King Ben (Mitchell Hope) is used as the damsel in distress in this movie, how does it feel for Mal being the woman that comes to the rescue?
DOVE: It’s amazing to have a female role model and the female lead be the savior of the day. I also like that we don’t hit you over the head with it, because there’s an art to having a female savior and having a female protagonist hero that’s always coming to the rescue of the guy without making it too heavy. Then it’s almost like you’re going in the other direction. There’s almost more of an integrity to just keeping it… She is but we don’t drill it into you.

RAW: What can you tell us about your upcoming music?
DOVE: The single is called “Talks About,” and that’s the first time that I’ve said that. It’s a love song in the lyrics only. It’s very production heavy. I think my fans are really going to like it. I’m so happy with it, it’s done.

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RAW: Mamma Mia! is coming so soon at the Hollywood Bowl. How excited are you about performing in that musical?
DOVE: You guys, it’s coming SO soon! We haven’t even started rehearsals yet, and in three weeks, we will have rehearsed, put it up, and it will be over. (gasps) I’m freaking out! But I’m really excited for people to see it. Ever since I did Hairspray, I’ve had a big live theater, musical theater…

RAW: It’s like your vibe now.
DOVE: Yeah. Well, it’s always been my vibe, but I’ve been so much more seeking out musical theater. And musical theater and I have been finding each other so I’m really excited! I’m so happy. And I love Kathleen Marshall, our director, and I’ve never performed at the Hollywood Bowl, stoked.

RAW: Was there a movie or TV show that inspired you to become an actress when you were growing up?
DOVE: Yeah! I lived on this island where the movie theater only showed old classics, so I fell in love with Lawrence of Arabia, Gone with the Wind, and all that stuff. Those people, I just think that acting was so much more of an art form back then. So yeah, all the classic stuff kind of really got me into it.

RAW: Was there one song that made you think, “Oh, now I want to be a singer too”?
DOVE: I grew up on musical theater, so I never really thought I was going to go into pop. I really thought I was going to live in New York. And I loved movies like Jesus Christ Superstar, and I love Jekyll & Hyde, and all that. Yeah, I don’t know what made me want to go into pop. Pop music was just starting to get really good again as I was sort of becoming a teenager, and music has always been a language that I fluently spoke. I was like music and I are friends. I’ve always wanted to write.

RAW: Have you had any musicians that are super big inspirations for you?
DOVE: Sia, obviously Ariana Grande. But I love the band Sleigh Bells, I love Marina and the Diamonds, Kehlani. All kinds of stuff.

RAW: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
DOVE:  I try to not plan anything because every time… Literally nothing. I don’t even think about what’s coming out of my mouth most of the time. Because everything that I’ve found myself in, you know when you look around and you’re like, “oh this is the new surroundings of my life,” it’s always been something that I couldn’t have planned and there’s so much more beauty in that, I think, than working towards a specific goal. I just plan on working really hard, moving in the general right direction, and accepting things that feel authentic to me. You feel me?

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RAW: Describe your fashion style.
DOVE: It ranges anywhere, I know it’s really funny to be like, “from homeless,” but like really. Just a t-shirt and coconut oil, like really I look like an urchin coming out of a drain or something. Not cute. To really extra, over the top. Everything matches, red lip stick, I’m wearing collars, and just… theatrical! I would say theatrical, range-y.

RAW: Who was your first celebrity crush?
DOVE: Oooh, first? Maybe Robert Downey, Jr. Or like, yeah I had a big thing for David Tennant because I loved Doctor Who, and he’s so quirky, and he loves Rose so much. I don’t know. Ewan McGregor too. I like the sort of emotional, charismatic type.

RAW: What is the perfect place to take a first date?
DOVE: Aww. A nice view, so you guys can have visual stimulation but still talk, because I think that’s the most important thing. Somebody said to me they would most likely want to go to a movie because then you don’t have to talk, but it’s like what’s the point of going on a date if you don’t want to delve into the brain of the person that you’re with? I’m the first person to be like crow bar into someone’s brain and heart and soul, and be like, “show me everything.” Me and Thomas Doherty had a staring contest for like ten minutes and that was the first time we were like “oh my god, I could fall for you.”

RAW: Who won?
DOVE: Uh, nobody. We both ended up crying. (laughs) We both, our eyes started watering and we were like “whoa.” But you want to be in there, you know what I mean? I don’t want to do any activity. I just want to hang out with somebody.

RAW: Can you do any celebrity impressions?
DOVE: I can do the little girl from Monsters Inc. She’s a celebrity.RAW

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